September 2, 2015 : IFA CFL Premiere League Championship : Army XI 0-0 SAI (Gayeshpur Stadium - LIVE - First half running)

September 2, 2015 : IFA CFL Premiere League Championship : East Bengal 0-1 Kalighat MS (Barasat Stadium - LIVE - First half running)

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20': Mehtab is playing as the heart of East Bengal mid-field. He is creating multiple opportunities through both left and right wing.

15': Another chance to Christopher, but a brilliant save by Luis Barreto. Corner to Kalighat MS. Ball cleared.

10': Rafiq's touch to Avinash's cross crossed the Kalighat goal line. Kalighat goalkeeper Sourav cleared it from air, but referee denied goal. Bad luck for East Bengal.

5': Free kick for East Bengal. Do Dong's shot. Bello Razzaq tried a back volley, but could not connect properly.

2': GOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL !!! Christopher followed a back pass by Bello Razzaq and got the ball control before Luis Barreto. He had only goalkeeper to beat and finished his job perfectly.

0': Kick off.


September 1, 2015 : IFA CFL Premiere League Championship : Mohammedan 1-1 Tollygunge Agragami (Barasat Stadium - Match Over)

Mohammedan : Ishant Debnath, Deepak, Bijoy mandi, Dipendu Duari, Dipankar Das, Tanmoy Ghosh, Mumtaz, Bernard, Ajoy Singh, Kareem Omolaja Nurain, Rana Gharami.

Tollygunge : Jhantu Mondal, Hiralal Chetri, Adeleza, Ashim Biswas, Saikat, Surabuddin Mullik, Imran Khan, Sunil, Okpara, Mohon, Kunal.

90'+2': Match Over. Mohammedan 1-1 Tollygunge Agragami.

90': Two minutes injury time added in the second half of the match. Scoreline is now 1-1.

89': Player change for both team. Tollygunge's Ashim Biswas is replaced by Dipendu Biswas, while Mohammedan's Bernard is replaced by Nuruddin.

85': Player change for Mohammedan. Dipendu Duari is replaced by Basant Singh.

80': Mohon's long ranger went directly to the safe hands of Ishant Debnath.

75': Surabuddin tried to cut through five players alone. Ultimately he lost the ball control and Bernard cleared the ball.

70': Surabuddin's pass to Ashim and his long ranger went wide.

65': Player change for both team. Tollygunge's Hiralal is replaced by Jayanta Sen, while Mohammedan's Ajoy Singh is replaced by Manas Sarkar.

60': GOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL !!! Corner kick was placed at the middle of the box, where both Adeleja and Ishant jumped for it. Ishant could not get ball control and it dropped into a mess. Imran used this opportunity to place the ball into Mohammedan goal.

55': Bijoy Mandi cleared an attack of Imran from left wing. Tollygunge won a corner.

50': Ishant Debnath easily collected the cross of Saikat from right wing.

46': Second half begins.

45'+3': Half Time. Mohammedan 1-0 Tollygunge Agragami.

45'+3': GOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL !!! Tanmoy Ghosh's minus from right side of the Tollygunge penalty box to approaching Dipendu Duari in the first post. Dipendu calmly pushed in the ball unchallenged.

45': Three minutes injury time added in the first half of the match. Scoreline still 0-0.

43': Dipankar's right footer was swinging into the Tollygunge goal, but Jhantu almost flew in and feasted it out.

40': Goal line save by Kareem. He headed out a ball from the last line of Mohammedan, while Ishant was in the ground.

35': Tollygunge is bringing up attack from both wing and trying to supply long balls in Mohammedan penalty box.

30': Hiralal's long ranger from 35 yards distance missed to hit the target.

25': Free kick for Tollygunge Agragami. Kunal's shot went over Mohammedan cross bar.

20': Both Mohammedan and Tollygunge are playing in 4-4-2 today.

15': Free kick for Mohammedan Sportings. Ajoy Singh's head to Mumtaj's kick went directly to the safe hands of Jhantu.

10': Free kick for Tollygunge Agragami. Hiralal's volley to Sunil's kick went wide.

5': Bijoy Mandi's head to Bernard's cross went wide.

0': Kick off.


August 31, 2015 : International Friendly : India 0-0 Nepal (Pune - Match Over)

August 31, 2015 : IFA CFL Premiere League Championship : BNR 0-2 Police AC (Gayeshpur Stadium - Match Over)

August 31, 2015 : IFA CFL Premiere League Championship : Mohun Bagan 0-0 Aryan Club (Barasat Stadium - Match Abandoned)

Mohun Bagan : Shilton Paul, Asif, Suman Hazra, Sanjay, Safar Sardar, Gustavo, Lalkamal Bhowmik, Ram Malik, Kean Lewis, Azharuddin Mallik, Dudu.

Aryan Club : Priyant Singh, Pitambar, Sourav, Ashim Biswas, Suman, Suman, Sumit, Kazeem, Chottu, Laltu.

Current Score info: Match abandoned due to heavy rain.

20': Match stopped now due to heavy rain. Floodlight was in, but still it was getting difficult to continue the match.

15': Ram Malik's long throw finds Dudu in the Aryan penalty box. But, Aryan goalkeeper Priyant Singh saved Dudu's shot.

10': It is raining heavily in the Barasat stadium. Match is still goalless.

5': Aryan won the first corner of the match. Suman's shot cleared by Mohun Bagan defense.

0': Kick off.


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